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Medical Provider Compliance, LLC (“MPC”) was formed in response to the reality facing American healthcare providers today: the overwhelming number, complexity and magnitude of regulations governing the delivery of healthcare.

Through the course of building and implementing a series of thorough compliance programs for healthcare organizations (e.g., HIPAA, HITECH, Medicare Advantage, Meaningful Use), MPC’s founders recognized the common elements and activities, and in turn the need for a centralized, automated system to affordably and efficiently assist medical providers with performing the steps required for regulatory and contractual compliance.

The MPC architects include individuals with extensive backgrounds in the areas of healthcare administration, accounting, law, health insurance, physicians, computer science, software development, and end user representatives. Through their combined input and efforts, MPC was born with the goal of offering providers everything needed to be audit-ready with an individualized Electronic Compliance Record (“ECR®”).

22081086_lHOW IT WORKS

Healthcare in America is facing increasingly complex compliance requirements being pushed down onto individual medical practices. Never before has an entire, highly fragmented and fiercely independent industry been so rapidly thrust into required automation and mandatory compliance. With the high stakes carrot and stick of federal incentive money, reduced reimbursement rates, and inevitable compliance audits, the reality is not everyone is equally prepared. Many, if not most, are unarmed, ill-equipped, and perplexed by the sheer enormity of the task, not to mention the prospect of the upfront costs in both real dollar expenses and lost efficiency. Recognizing the reality facing medical providers, Medical Provider Compliance, LLC (“MPC”) was built to be the easiest and least expensive method to get your healthcare organization audit-ready. MPC’s founders recognize that:

  • Compliance is not optional, with penalties and fines being sought by auditors who are in fact commission-based bounty hunters, data mining organizations, and claims data screening and recoupment software
  • Figuring out what to do is bewildering, there is no clear-cut guaranteed cookbook, and it is only the first step
  • First time implementation of an audit-ready, thorough compliance program is painful, time consuming, expensive and seemingly unrewarding.
  • Continuing administration of a thorough compliance program is the last thing healthcare providers want to do, but an audit-ready compliance program requires a history of compliance activities for at least six years.
  • Ensuring the required recordkeeping in place is laborious, confusing, and often overlooked.
  • All healthcare providers are wrestling with the issue, and individual clinical operations are most often the least experienced, least equipped, least prepared, and least educated on the latest requirements. They are also the least financially prepared to purchase high-end consulting, commercial software and compliance materials.
  • Common solutions are little more than expensive books or more expensive consultants, neither of which actually provide what is really needed: an ongoing, audit-ready compliance tool.

MPC was designed to affordably help you attain compliance in a manner unlike any option available today. Through our web-based Electronic Compliance Record (ECR®), MPC provides all the practical tools for compliance in one central location for your office manager to easily, inexpensively, immediately and continuously implement with as little disruption and intrusion into your practice as possible. MPC is designed to help you avoid reinventing the wheel, from becoming a legal authority, and from turning your medical practice operation into a recreated government bureaucracy. Most importantly, MPC is designed to continuously help you avoid being penalized for non-compliance, both today and into the future as compliance requirements change. MPC is Simple, Customized, Affordable, and Ready Now!

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If you have questions about MPC or the Electronic Compliance Record (“ECR®”), please send an email to Info@MedProComp.com, or call 855-MEDPRO-5 ext.10000 (855-633-7765 ext.10000).

Email:   Info@MedProComp.com

Phone:   855-MEDPRO-5 ext.10000 (855-633-7765 ext.10000)

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