MPC NEWS: MPC Launches Healthcare Compliance Toolkit

June 1, 2004 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Medical Provider Compliance, LLC (MPC), today announced the official launching and unveiling of its a one-of-a-kind software for the health care industry’s needs in meeting its growing compliance requirements.

The MPC software is one-of-a-kind in many respects, offering the health care industry the most effective, efficient, affordable, and flexible tool for obtaining an maintaining an increasingly difficult set of compliance obligations.

Medicare, Medicaid and commercial payors are all demanding that all providers’ employees be exposed to and understand the policies and procedures and legal obligations required to operate a health care organization. It is no longer enough to have a policy book; now, the law requires healthcare organizations maintain their records of their policy and procedure compliance programs for six years.

The days of having time for lunch and learns, and keeping (and hopefullly not losing) sign in sheets for years are gone. MPC’s online repository of your policy library and unique push mechanism enables easy administration of a growing number of changing policies and procedures, no matter how many employees or policy documents.

Taking advantage of technology, MPC has gained economies of scale and enabled the integration of sophisticated software with videos, presentations, documents, emails, and today’s mobile data communications systems.

Most medical providers do not even know they are supposed to check the OIG and SAM databases on a regular basis to ensure that none of their employees have been excluded from working in an organization that does business with the government. MPC has uniquely brought an automated compliance mechanism for this requirement, so that all employees are checked against both Government databases on a regular basis, and updated as regularly as the Government databases themselves change.

Another little-known requirement of Medicare Advantage is that medical providers’ employees are to be provided a method of reporting suspected fraud and abuse anonymously. Here again MPC has provided health care providers of all types an automated and simple method to meet this little recognized requirement.

The objective of MPC’s software is to create an Electronic Compliance Record (ECR) of all compliance activities, and to help medical providers create, instiall, and maintain a documented, audit-ready culture of compliance. Today, MPC’s objective is met.

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