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You know what you NEED, and you know what you WANT.

You NEED a compliance program that gives you what you need so that, God forbid, if you find yourself under review, you know what to do.

You WANT it to be cheap; not inadequate, but inexpensive.

You may not know much else.  Here’s what you do: First, what you NEED.

  1. Go to, click Sign Up.  Follow the on-screen instructions to sign up your company.
  2. Follow the steps in the MPC Quick Start Guide.

In minutes you will have built the framework of your compliance program, but you’re not “done” with compliance.  You are, however, “done” with setting up a compliance program structure, and you’ve done the first thing first….you’ve started.

As used in the healthcare industry, “compliance” is a verb.  You DO it.

What’s next?  Three things:

  1. From there you start filling up your Policy Library (called My Policy Library) with policies, procedures, and training materials.  These are documents, videos, and web links available for free from the MPC Public Policy Library.  You can also put your own, already existing documents into your Policy Library by simply uploading them into your MPC account.
  2. Then, start creating and using MPC Activities.  By this time you have built your own Electronic Compliance Record (“ECR®”), which is the record of every compliance document and activity an auditor may want to see.
  3. Go back to doing what you do: healthcare.  Your compliance program is in place, securely stored on high speed HIPAA-compliant servers, and readily available for use or review 24×7.

Second, here’s what you WANT.  MPC is cheap; not inadequate, but inexpensive.stacks of money

MPC was very deliberately designed to be the most affordable, simple and flexible compliance system on the market for healthcare.

The Sign Up is a one-time $250.00 charge.  Then, it’s $5.00 per month per employee ($50.00 per month minimum).  That’s it.

So before you hire someone for $10, $15, or whatever per hour to handle your compliance program, do the smarter thing: Hire MPC for as little as $0.28 per hour (that’s what an employee would cost you hourly if you paid them $50.00 per month).

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