♦ I’ve been in healthcare for years. Why do I need this?

Healthcare organizations of all kinds must now operate in a business environment with many, complex regulations from the federal government.  On top of this are various, differing state regulations governing healthcare operations as well.

These regulations cover every healthcare business that deals with patients or patient information.  Whether you are a doctor, hospital, ASC, physical therapy operation, DME provider, or even a business service like a billing company, there are regulations covering your operation.

These regulations are law, and your compliance with them is not optional.  As well, and most importantly, the record of your actions in complying is the litmus test of your compliance program and your culture of compliance.  How you create, administer and record your compliance program and activities is what MPC is all about.

You can’t buy compliance.  You have to DO compliance.  MPC is about DOING compliance.

So, why do you need MPC?  By itself, MPC doesn’t make you compliant, but it makes it easy and simple to be compliant, and it’s designed to bring the economies of scale to you by being the most affordable set of compliance tools you can find.

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