Using MPC

♦ Can I make notes in my ECR™?

MPC makes it easy to add notes about your company’s Compliance Activities.  To add a note, go to ADMINISTRATION/COMPLIANCE ACTIVITIES, make a new Compliance Activity and enter the note in the Description field.  Note that there are no employees or … Continue reading

♦ How do I get started?

First, sign up for MPC by following the screens on the Sign Up menu item.  You will enter your company (Client) information, and credit card information.  (See FAQ regarding payment and credit card processing) Then, you’re ready to begin creating … Continue reading

♦ Do I get reports from the MPC system?

YES.  The MPC Administrator receives reports automatically via email regarding Compliance Activities and exclusions database checks.  As well, MPC provides multiple reports so you can view your ECR compliance data, employees’ participation, and Compliance Activities at any time.

♦ What is the ECR™?

The ECR™ is your “Electronic Compliance Record.”  MPC provides a single, central, web-based repository for all of your compliance program materials and, most importantly, all of your compliance activities. Under review, while an auditor will be interested in making sure … Continue reading