Data Security

♦ What is MPC’s hardware foundation?

MPC’s goals in selecting a cloud-based hardware environment were to reside on systems providing high reliability.  To MPC, “reliability” means: Security; Backups and Redundancy; Scalability; Transaction Speed; Service Reputation; and Proven Experience in Handling Financial Transactions.

♦ Is my data secure?

YES.  MPC was purposefully built to offer its users a secure data storage environment capable of holding your compliance history (your ECR™) for years in an always readily accessible format.   (See also, What is MPC’s hardware foundation?)

♦ Where is my data stored?

MPC’s data storage is housed in an industrial strength, secured data center designed to handle critical business data and transactions.  (See also, What is MPC’s hardware foundation?)

♦ Is my data backed up?

YES.  MPC runs on state of the art, secure servers housed in a data center built with system redundancy, mirroring, and an industrial strength fault-tolerant transactional foundation, all backed up on a daily basis.  (See also, What is MPC’s hardware … Continue reading