♦ Can I set up MPC so my users cannot actually download and get an electronic copy of my policy documents?

It is possible, but it is not as simple as we would all like; here’s why.

You have no doubt heard that when you put something on the internet, it’s there; you can delete it if you want, but it’s still out there.  Because MPC makes extensive use of all the benefits of the internet, documents that MPC delivers to users obviously are available on the internet.

While MPC could develop an elaborate security system to try to protect these documents, the reality is that every such system that is available on the internet has one or more vulnerabilities that are exploited with, often free, software to hack the security scheme.

Here’s the simpler answer.  First, make sure that your employee handbook or employment agreements require that employees not take, for any purpose, electronic or hard copy documents the belong to your company.

Second, you can put your policies into a format that makes it more difficult for someone to actually take and use your materials.  For example, if the policy is written in Microsoft Word format, do not put it on to MPC in Microsoft Word format; instead, convert it to Adobe PDF and put an Adobe password on the file so that it cannot be copied from, or edited.

Another clever way of accomplishing this task is to convert your policies into videos, and put them on a Youtube page available only to your company.  You can save a PowerPoint presentation directly to a video format, for example.

Either of these methods in conjunction with a strong policy against employees taking material for their own use is perhaps the simplest, easiest to implement, and arguably most effective way of handling this concern.

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